OSRS Vorkath Guide For Beginners

Vorkath was the ultimate challenge in Dragon Slayer 2, but after you slay him he can be fought again on a significantly stronger level. After killing Vorkath for quick and easy loot, many people go back to fight this boss just like they do with Zulrah since these bosses are an easy way to make more Old School RuneScape gold with minimal effort and in such a short time.

Vorkath can be assigned by slayer masters as a boss task, and as he is also classed as a blue dragon, he could be killed on the Slayer Helm for an accuracy bonus. If you do not have either Vorkath or Blue Dragons tasks active then use Salve Amulet to increase your damage done. 

Most OSRS players are killing Vorkath using either a Void Melee setup or a Void Range setup

OSRS Vorkath Guide

Vorkath is an imposing sight. He’s a blue-colored dragon that was created by Zorgoth, and he guards the entrance to his fortress with ferocity. When you complete this quest, Vorkath can be fought endlessly if you visit him at the same location where Torfinn sets up shop for your boat ride back from Ungael after completing our mission there (provided you have talked to him).

Required Skill Levels:

  • 70+ Prayer
  • 75+ Magic
  • 85+ Defense
  • 90+ Range
  • 90+ Attack and Strength (if you prefer to melee)

Must Complete The Following OSRS Quests:

  • Dragon Slayer II (the main quest)
  • Legend’s Quest
  • Ghosts Ahoy
  • Bone Voyage
  • A Tale of Two Cats
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Dream Mentor

Recommended OSRS Items and Inventory:

  • 1-click teleport item
  • 1 Extended or normal super antifire potion
  • 1 Anti-venom+
  • Full Void Range Set
  • Toxic Blowpipe
  • Pegasian Boots/Blessed Dragonhide Boots
  • Shark or higher for food
  • Prayer Potions
  • Saradomin Brews (if having trouble managing HP)
  • Super Restore Potions (if using Saradomin Brews)
  • Rune Pouch with Crumble Undead runes
  • Dragon Warhammer/Bandos God Sword
  • Salve Amulet (ei)
  • Archers Ring (i)
  • Rune Darts or Higher
  • Any Ava’s Device

Vorkath Item Drops

  • Skeletal Visage (very rare)
  • Draconic Visage (very rare)
  • Jar of Decay (rare)
  • Dragonbone necklace (rare)
  • Dragon platelegs and plateskirt
  • Dragon battleaxes
  • Dragonstones
  • Dragon arrow, dart, and bolt tips
  • Onyx bolt tips
  • Noted green, blue, red, and black dragonhides
  • Chaos, Death, and Wrath runes
  • Noted Rune Kiteshields
  • Noted Rune Longswords
  • Noted magic logs
  • Rare herb & tree seeds
  • Noted Cooked Manta Ray
  • Noted Grapes
  • Noted Adamantite Ore
  • Noted Adamantite Dragon Bones
  • Noted Diamonds
  • Superior Dragon Bones (common)
  • Blue Dragonhide (common)

You must have a solution against Dragonfire breath in order to fight this creature. You may want an anti-dragon shield, the dragon shield potion, or an extended super antifire potion for your offhand slot so you can cast crumble undead with runes on your main hand which consumes 2 air, 2 earth, and 1 chaos rune; but dust runes are another option that frees up one inventory/rune pouch slot.

The best way to maximize your profits from Vorkath is by practicing the different phases, banking speed, and damage. However, it doesn’t matter how much money you make as long as you are quick in order for a reasonable kill per hour rate of 25. You can expect at least 100,000 OSRS gold after each kill which still gives us an hourly profit of over 2 million given other drop possibilities!

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