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As the weather in Houston Texas changes with the seasons, homeowners rely on their heating and cooling systems to provide a comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe indoor climate. Our ongoing and rigorous training for all technicians, combined with a management team with extensive Houston TX Air Conditioning repair expertise, ensures that every residential and commercial system we install continues to work efficiently and economically throughout the equipment’s lifetime.

AC Repair & Heating Services You Can Rely On

We pledge our dedication to customer service.

We service a wide range of central air conditioning and heating brands at SmartLiving Home Repair Services. Our technicians are also qualified to service a variety of ductless mini-split systems.


Our continued dedication to customer service is exemplified by a significant investment in our heating and air conditioning service and repair department. Smaller contractors can lack the resources to handle multiple jobs at the same time, especially during severe Houston Texas temperatures when response time is critical. Our service vans are fully loaded with common parts, and our technicians often arrive on site with a full collection of equipment.


Choosing a New Air Conditioning System in Houston, TX

What are your best heating and cooling options?

As a full-service contractor, we have the expertise and experience to assist our customers with every step of the equipment selection and installation process. For replacement and new building programs, this involves full system engineering and air delivery design services.


An air conditioning system should be sized to conform to the specific energy consumption footprint of the building it will represent in order to optimize efficiency and performance. Our designers use the most recent load calculation technology to calculate the exact capacity needed to provide continuous comfort at the lowest possible cost.


Oversized equipment also short cycles, causing excess indoor humidity and lowering overall performance. Since the other components are designed to fit the BTU performance, the blower can be noisy and introduce an unpleasant blast of air into the living area every time the device is turned on. Undersized air conditioning equipment may not be able to meet the thermostat environment, especially in severe weather conditions. This may result in excessive wear on internal components, leading to premature failure.


When you need AC repair in Houston, TX, we send out helpful, factory-trained Air Conditioning contractors who can easily diagnose and repair defective components. All of our lead service technicians are NATE-certified in heating and air conditioning repair and are capable of repairing almost every big brand or piece of equipment.


If you feel overwhelmed and need help finding great HVAC repair Houston TX, give us a call.


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