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Without mentioning GE Appliances, no conversation about modern household appliances would be complete. The company is a field powerhouse with more than 115 years of experience in the field. It is a favorite in the United States and beyond for its highly reliable and superbly engineered products, including washers, dryers, refrigerators, wall ovens, ranges, cooking utensils, under-the-counter ice makers, under-the-counter refrigerators, wine refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, and much more. Their innovative quality is indisputable, since the company was the first to develop a self-cleaning oven and won the title of ‘Smart Appliance Company of the Year’ back in 2019 due to its efforts in the field of home appliance connectivity and networking.


With GE Appliances, you can’t go wrong. We at SmartLiving are proud to be partnering with them, providing competent, timely and professional GE Appliances repair and maintenance services to all of our Houston area customers. If you have any problems with your GE appliances, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be there with the skills and equipment you need to take care of your problem so that you can continue to enjoy the convenience that all owners of GE Appliances deserve. Give us a call today!


Common GE Appliances We Repair

GE Dryer Repair

Your dryer is the partner of your washer in this laundry room duo that ensures that we have clean clothes on our backs. It works to remove the residual moisture from the clothes coming out of the washer. GE Appliances produces very robust dryers, but they are not completely immune to occasional problems. Let our professional dryer repair technicians come in and take a look at your unit if you have any difficulties.


GE Refrigerator Repair

The refrigerator is at the heart of any modern kitchen, providing invaluable service and convenience. We’d have to go to the grocery store almost every day if it weren’t for these handy appliances. Don’t let any problems with your unit bother you for too long. Call us for expert refrigerator repair and maintenance services.


GE Oven/Wall Oven Repair

Today, GE Appliances produces some of the most reliable ovens on the market, with a small proportion of them requiring repair service in their working life. Even so, occasional rare cases of trouble are bound to occur with sufficient time. Our wall oven repair experts are on hand to take care of these problems for you. All you’ve got to do is make a call.


GE Range Repair 

Exemplary reliability and robustness have made GE Appliances the nation’s favorite firm. As one of the most important members of any modern kitchen assembly, the ranges should never be out of commission for too long. You need your range to work optimally, and our repair and maintenance specialists are just the guys who can help you achieve this.


GE Cooktop Repair

The cooktops that we have in our kitchens today are capable of a prodigious amount of work. They have a prominent place in our daily life of cooking. As such, any problems with this appliance should be dealt with as soon as they are detected, and our expert cooktop repair and maintenance technicians are just a phone call away. Call us today for a quick solution to your problems.


GE Under-The-Counter Ice Maker Repair

A faulty ice maker can be a dampener for even the most lively party, which is why all those out there who like their rock drinks wouldn’t want their unit to fail for a single day. Call us for expert under-the-counter ice maker repair and maintenance services if you have any problems with your GE Appliances products.


GE Under-The-Counter Refrigerator Repair

This is the right solution for those of us who need to take space seriously when equipping our kitchens. These units will fit in discreetly with any kitchen plan, hence their popularity. To ensure that your unit continues to run smoothly, our experienced under-the-counter refrigerator repair technicians are standing by. If you notice any problems, call us.


GE Wine Cooler Repair 

The wine cooler is the best friend of the wine connoisseur. If you appreciate the quality bottle of your favorite vintage, you can thank your wine cooler for keeping it in good condition. A defective unit could lead to the destruction of often delicate vintages commonly stored in these units. Allow our wine refrigerator and maintenance specialists to help ensure the safe storage and palatability of your valued wine stock.


GE Built-In Refrigerator Repair (GE Monogram, GE Cafe)

The built-in refrigerator is a great choice for those with esthetic and ergonomic considerations at the forefront of their kitchen appliance selection criteria. They blend in well with any space and allow a lot of leeway in the final selection to match their surroundings. We handle integrated refrigerator repair and maintenance operations for multiple GE Appliances brands including GE Monogram and GE Café. Call us to make sure you fix any problems you might have with your unit.


If you feel overwhelmed and need a reputable GE Microwave Repair Houston, give us a call.


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