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Trash Collection In Fayetteville (NC

Jul 22

If you live in Fayetteville, NC, you might be wondering what kinds of services are provided by the city's garbage collection service. The Environmental Services Department (ESD) manages yard waste, bulky objects and dead animal collection. It also oversees the curbside recycling contracts for residential properties. Fayetteville has 61,000 households. Private haulers are the ones who collect the community's waste from multi-family and commercial properties. GBB works with Fayetteville to create efficient, sustainable and cost-effective strategies for disposing of waste.

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Sustainability Master Plan

In 2009, Fayetteville, NC adopted a Sustainability Master Plan, which incorporates a comprehensive approach to sustainability by balancing the three bottom lines: environment, social equity, and economics. In Fayetteville, the proposed efforts should benefit each of these goals if the community wants to remain sustainable over the long haul. We'll go over the main aspects of the plan.


Residents in Fayetteville, NC may have to pay more for their garbage collection service. Fayetteville collects trash and recyclables curbside for $225 per household for a year. This is enough to pay for the costs of running the solid waste collection system. However, the city's officials are proposing an incremental increase in the coming years. Fayetteville residents will have an overall increase of their earnings of 25 percent over the next five years.

The price of residential trash collection could be anywhere from $25-$100 per month for containers that hold 96 gallons. This service is generally part of a larger energy bill, and may include a one-time setup fee of $30 to $50. Residents might want to sign up for bulky trash collection on a regular basis. This can help them save time and also money. Fayetteville trash collection services typically have a waiting list for residents. In addition, residential trash collection is offered by private companies. These firms provide a practical and affordable way to handle smaller garbage loads.

Opportunities for employment

Do you want to work to help with the trash collection in Fayetteville? A Solid Waste Collector is required to collect and dispose of waste to the city. As the Solid Waste Collector, you'll be responsible for making sure that the collection vehicles are outfitted properly to handle refuse collected. Also, you must make sure that the yard waste loads are kept clean. You'll require an official driver's license to work in this position full-time. Pay is between $20 and $28 an hour and benefits are extensive.

You could also supplement your income by working as a loader or even start your own company for the removal of junk. LoadUp gives you access to a wide customer base as well as guaranteed Fayetteville garbage removal jobs. Earnings will vary depending on the kind of job you're doing and location and the number of items that are taken away. However, you'll have the opportunity to earn up to $2000 per week, working on any days or nights that work for you.


Fayetteville has adopted Fayetteville has adopted a Sustainability Master Plan. It incorporates the three goals economy, environment , and social equity. The plan makes sure that every effort is contributing to the three goals. These are the benefits of Fayetteville trash pickup on holiday weekends:

Fayetteville commissioned the Comprehensive Solid Waste Study to examine the efficacy of garbage and yard collection services. The study also determined the percentage of recyclable materials in landfills. The report is available to read and download a spreadsheet of Fayetteville trash collection services as compared with other municipalities in NC. You can also review the attached documents that were used in the research.

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