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ULTIMATE HighLevel SignUp Offer | The Fastest Way To Get Started With GoHighLevel ūüíį

Jun 21

What's up guys? Today I wanna share with you everything about high level and the most amazing probably the best affiliate offer for signing up with high level that is out there and that's with us at extendly . Extendly for high level, we like to make your high level journey as easy as possible to get started with the go high level software.
 Well first of all, let's start with this, what is gohighlevel? Gohighlevel is a automation crm that allows you to automate a bunch of stuff in your marketing efforts.
 We like to call it a marketing crm for a business, It works really, really well for marketing companies that are trying to service small businesses and or small businesses that want to generate more leads for themselves and want to automate a lot of the tasks that would require someone to do themselves.
 It's got things like a pipeline where you can have track all the sales in different stages, calendars, so you can easily replace calendly it's got your contact list in there of all your contacts that you can keep track of.
 It's got one of the most amazing features and there is conversations, conversations, it's literally a two way conversation and it keeps everything in one place.
 The conversation tabs is, absolutely amazing because it allows me to send a text message to a customer and receive a text message from them and just talk back and forth.

 Also send an email, a facebook messenger message an instagram dm I can send a chat, I can receive a chat message from the website.
 So something similar to this where matter of fact exactly this right, you can come in here entering your information and send message and that is received in the conversation tab in high level.
 And now we're able to chat back and forth through either email or phone number because those that's the pieces of information we're collecting here.
 Right? So that's what high level is! On top of that,
 You can have marketing emails go out in there, you can have websites and and funnels built in their reputation management is a part of it.
 There's a bunch of reporting stuff and you gotta check it out.
 There's invoices in there as well and you can take payments through it also.
 So there's all of that right inside high level and it's probably the most robust automation software out there in comparison to things like Bird Eye, Active Campaign, Podium and bunch of the others that are out there.
 So we have an amazing offer to help people get started with high level.
 So I'm gonna go ahead and pull that up.
 And it is the ultimate sign up offer with a bunch of bonuses in there for you.
 There's a two price points high level comes with that are for marketing agencies, one is $297 per month And the other one is $497 per month. In both you get unlimited sub accounts.
 So meaning you as a marketing agency can have as many business accounts in there and you don't have to pay a monthly fee to add in another business that you're servicing.
 Your cost is limited to either the $297 or the $497 plan.
 And there's different features that it comes with between the two different plans.
 So if you're signing up for the $497 plan you get a 30 day free trial.
 If you're signing up for a $297 plan you get the 14 day free trial either way between either of those plans.
 If you were the first time someone signing up for the first time you get all of these bonuses that we include in there as well as a 30 day free trial for those that are signing up for the $497 plan.
 So high level is a bit difficult to get started with.
 So what we do is we make it extremely easy.
 We do all of the setup for you which is part of the bonuses.
 So instead of you having to spend the time to figure out how to set up the software what the optimal settings are What are the integrations you need to have in place.
 Our team has done it bunch of times for a bunch of other businesses and marketing agencies.
 So if you signed up through our affiliate offer it doesn't cost you anything at all.
 It's it would be exactly the same as if you sign up directly for a high level directly on their website.
 A matter of fact you're going to sign up on their website but you get with signing up through us, you get all of these options, so we give you six months of free tech support directly through us to answer any questions that are to help you get started.
 things like that, we do what's called a dashboard customization to brand your high level to your own brand.
 So a lot of businesses marketing agencies want to represent their own branding, colors and scheme and logo when things of that nature the login screen.
 So because high level is a white label software allows you to easily white label the platform so we help you customize that so it doesn't look like a, you know vanilla out of the shell the way high level comes it looks more branded to your brand.
 then there's a thing called Twilio and Mailgun integration.
 We help you set up all that and you know, get you set up with optimal settings there and high level has these things called small business snapshots depending or snapshots rather snapshots is a basically a build a automation built that is ready to go.
 So we have a bunch of workflows in the in our what we call our small business snapshot which works for almost every industry.
 We're offering that for free. Normally we sell it on our website for $995.
 If you want to check out our snapshots, you can go ahead and go over to our menu click on snapshot store and you can check them out there.
 You'll be able to see that.
 And then finally there's a ultimate SaaS agency in a box snapshot again, check it out on our in our snapshot store.
 There's videos there, it tells you everything what's included in both of those snapshots.
 And it lets you basically you're getting to get started with a whole bunch of automation already thought through all bunch of messaging.
 Already thought through a website built for the saas  agency already thought through getting started as little as one day to get started with this thing.
 All right. So all of this values to about $3000.
 So you can go ahead and click here to sign up and if if you're planning on signing up for the $497 plan and then simply just click here.
 But if you did go over there you'll be brought to the high level
 sign up page. I'm simply select your 14 day trial and sign up.
 You want to watch the demo on high level. You certainly can right here.
 And if you were to sign up for the $497 Plan, you can go ahead and click here and
 that will take you to the high level affiliate offer page that we have with high level to get you started with your extended trial, which is the 30 day trial.
 Alright, hope you found this helpful.
 If there's any questions or concerns, feel free to go over to our website. click on the little chat bubble on the side and and get to talk to one of my team members to learn more about everything that we do and how we help you with high level.
 Alright. Take care. Bye bye.