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The Issues Caused by Leaking Commercial Roofs

Apr 20


Cadillac Roofing is the best option for roof leak repairs without any DIY work required. Your roof is crucial to your business and tenants. Commercial roofing in Toronto should be the solution to any roof leak issues you're experiencing. tiny holes become areas that allow water to invade the commercial building and bring high repair costs - not just for the roof but also the structure of the building , if the leak has not been addressed. No matter what kind of establishment you have including retail, residential accommodations or office space, the health and well-being of your roof will be crucial to the satisfaction of your tenants. We'll look at some of the common issues that plague a commercial roof.

7 Issues Caused that are the result of Commercial Roof Leaks

Mildew and the growth of mould

Water is without a doubt the most significant threat for roofing systems. But there are many other threats. When water is introduced into an area of roofing and is allowed to sit and not dry, it can produce mildew and mould that could cause respiratory issues when the spores inhale. The petri dish which is the roof leak will encourage the growth of mould - it requires three things - water, air and food. These three elements allow it to grow at a staggering rate. The roof's top is where the water comes from and indoor conditions provide the air mold needs and any material from drywall to carpet will be the ideal place of mould that it can feed off. You need here to get assistance from the concord roofing company.


Wood Rot

Wood rot develops when it is subject to water pressure and mould. As wood rot develops it weakens the tenacity of the wood and can compromise the structural quality of the roofing system, leaving it vulnerable to collapse. Once the degrading has become such that it can't be fixed; a total roof rip-off is needed to remove the trusses as well as rafters to ensure structural integrity. Don't worry about the selection of roofing contractors concord ca.


Insulation that is damaged

Your insulation is at risk if you have a roof leak. It's as simple as that, rainwater falls on insulation, and it collapses the air pockets used by insulation to slow the loss of heat. If the air pockets become flattened, insulation will stop performing as it should. This could result in energy loss and large utility bills.


Fire Hazards

Water and oil do not mix neither do electricity and water - it creates an hazard for fire when water gets into an electrical system. If water gets into the roof it can trigger the wires that power your structure. Once that occurs, the exposed wiring will provide the ignition a fire must start. If you're experiencing major issues, you should find a roofing company near me.

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Slip Hazards

When water seeps into the roof, it needs to go somewhere , and that is on the floors of your building. The water that has escaped into your building can cause water puddles to form on floors. Water that is not treated can lead to slips and falls , which can result in injuries or lost time for employees. Also, it can affect the quality and pleasure of your tenants' lives.


Compromised Integrity of the Roof

Even the most robust commercial roofing systems are vulnerable to water. Water can create a myriad of issues. Take a look at your building's foundation for a second. The foundation is the place the place where water flows down the building's sides and causes damage. Repairs to foundations for commercial buildings can run into the hundreds of thousands If not addressed and not forgetting the structural problems that a weak foundation creates for the massive commercial structure that sits upon it.

Energy Inefficiency

This article has covered insulation and the loss of key components of air bubbles which hinder heat transfer. The utility bills can increase when you use more energy in the long run, and then it can feel as if you're heating the entire outside and one more thing to think about when you consider your energy efficiency. You are using more energy than you actually need, which spurs warming due to the release of fossil fuel gases into the atmosphere.



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