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Apr 17

How to select the Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

By Houston Kitchen Renovators

In this Houston chapter, we go over many kitchen remodel Houston tips and tricks that first-timers may overlook... and also share some surprising things that even experienced renovators may not have known. Here are eight things to keep in mind, right down to the outlets.

1. It's (extremely) costly.

Remodeling magazine states that the average national cost for a kitchen remodel is about $66,000. states that cabinetry, hardware, installation, and appliances (14%) are the most expensive. Remodeling claims that on average, a house's resale value will increase by only 60%.


Kitchen remodeling can be done in a smarter way than expected.


2. Who will you be hosting for dinner?


You can use the age-old icebreaker, "Who would I invite to a dinner?" Are you hosting extravagant dinner parties for eight people? Or are you a single person who hosts every meal?


3 Selecting countertops is both aesthetic and practical.


Keep in mind your goals when selecting countertops for your kitchen.


4. Installing a wall-mounted faucet in your bathroom is the best way.


A simple deck-mounted faucet might seem like the best option. Keeping your space dry and clean around the sink will be much easier.


5. Sometimes the most mundane aspects of your project are the most important.


Make sure that you have sufficient ventilation.


6. Ikea cabinets are open to modification.


There are many cabinet styles to choose from. You don't need to get overwhelmed by the number of choices.


7. Cleaning a double-bowl basin is more difficult than cleaning a single bowl sink.


A single-bowl basin sink, for example, is more efficient and will fit in a tight space. You can weigh the advantages and disadvantages between single-bowl and double-bowl in your kitchen.






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