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It is possible to employ a roofer in Coronavirus?

Mar 14


Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order that reads "Stay at home, remain healthy Stay connected" for Arizonans on March 30th, 2013. In the event of any type of roof maintenance Stay-at-home orders Roof inspection Las Vegas

Participate in or conduct important activities, or

To volunteeror perform essential functions in order to get employment;

To make use of any services or products provided by the essential business services;

If you're a sole owner, family-owned or family-owned company, your work must be performed in a private area that is not accessible to the public.

The Governor's office encourages Arizonans to "improve social connectivity through:


Staying in contact with family, friends, and other social support structures to ensure that you are communicating regularly;

Informing fellow Arizonans about the negative impact of isolation from society on health;

And developing habits and activities to build resilience, such as physical exercise as well as virtual social gatherings aiding neighbors, implementing or participating in connection programs to help at-risk groups, and participating in volunteer activities."

Governor Ducey stated which services were essential and businesses could continue operating following the executive order took effect. You will see there services of roof repair north Las Vegas roof repairs and roof repair north las vegas. What does this mean to Arizonans, though? What will happen if the roof of your home is leaky? Can you hire a roofing professional to visit your home?


What kinds of activities are "essential" during Arizona's Stay At-Home Order?

Under Governor Ducey's stay-at-home order The policy stipulates that the following are essential activities:


"Obtaining essential supplies and services for family members, household members and pets such as food items, food and other supplies for the use of the household of equipment and other supplies for working from home, work assignments for completion of distance learning , and the products needed to safeguard your family roofing contractors las vegas Nevada, sanitation and crucial maintenance of the home, residence.

Engaging in activities essential for health and safety, such as things like seeking medical, mental health or emergency services , and procuring medical supplies or medication.

Helping a friend pet, family member, or friend in a household or other residence, which includes transportation for health and safety activities , as well as purchase of essential supplies and other services for that family.

Engaging in activities of exercise outdoors like running, hiking, walking, biking or golfing, however only when appropriate physical distancing practices are used.

Conducting essential services , or attending work, which may include taking children to childcare services in order to the essential work of a service.

Engaging in constitutionally protected activities, for example, religion or speech is permitted provided that the democratic process includes voting or any legal process or court process.

What does this mean for Arizonans? Which services and businesses are necessary?


What qualifies as an "Essential" Service under Arizona's Stay-At Home Order?

The Governor's office has issued the list of companies are "essential". Essential services comprise services in the following areas such as Advosy Roofing

Healthcare and Public Health Operations

Human Services Operations

Essential Infrastructure Operations

Essential Governmental Operations

Essential Businesses and Operations


Essential businesses include:

Retailers that sell food items and medicines.

Food, beverage and agriculture.

Outdoor recreation activities.

Organizations that provide charitable or social services.


Businesses and gas stations require transportation.

Financial institutions.

Hardware and supply shops

Trades that are critical.

Logistics, mail, postal delivery and pick-up.

Educational institutions

Laundry services

Restaurants that allow eating off-premises

Tools to work from the comfort of your home.

Essential supplies for businesses and operations.


Services and care at home

Shelters and residential facilities.

Professional and personal assistance.

Day health centers for employees not covered from the Executive Order.

Distribution, manufacturing and supply chain management for important industries and products.

Hotels and motels.

Funeral services.



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