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walk-in tub installation located in St Louis MO

Feb 27

Thankfully, we specialize in installing walk-in bathtubs St Louis. There are not many companies for walk in tubs St Louis MO that can offer the specialization these walk-in tubs require. If you look at the fact that these tubs are equipped with electric power, along with built in pumps for serving various functions. Combining plumbing and electricity can be a little confusing for many. We are licensed to install these specially designed walk-in tubs to our clients, and have many years of experience installing them! To accommodate different configurations of drains and water intakes, these walk-in bathtubs St Louis will require us to move a lot of the plumbing around. It's difficult to find companies able to remodel and install walk-in bathtubs St Louis MO without the need for managing a large list subcontractors. This can result in lengthy installation times as well as costly repairs.

We are looking forward to meeting you and providing you a no-cost estimate for your walk-in tub. We would suggest that you look at other options for remodeling your bathroom while we're out. It is probable that we'll have to do quite a lot of demolition work in order to install the walk-in tub. We are very proud of the quality of our work , and recognize how crucial it is to be to ensure safety for our families when it comes to walk-in bathtub installation. We look forward to working with you and your family on this bathroom remodel project! Call us at the number listed below to set up an appointment!


Begin by saying hello to your licensed bathroom remodeler from St Louis MO

In case you were curious We are licensed plumbers. We are additionally licensed and insured. We can resolve every plumbing issue you encounter at home. Are you looking for a plumbing contractor St Louis MO? Do you have leaky pipes inside your home? Do you have a house that is old and in need of better plumbing throughout your home? Well look no further, we can help you out with this! There are many older homes in St. Louis, and it is crucial to know what type of plumbing materials exists in your home currently. A majority of older homes are equipped with a black galvanized copper pipe which will eventually rust and cause water flow to decrease. This could result in an insufficient pressure of water within your home.
We first assess the plumbing of your home to determine if it's suitable for bathroom remodels in St Louis MO. If necessary, we will then provide you with an estimate. We suggest that all black pipes be replaced by copper or PEX tubing. Copper tubing makes a fantastic substitute for black pipe. The copper tubing's inner diameter is able to allow for more water flow and will not corrosion-proof as. PEX tubing is an innovative material that some municipalities have not yet allowed to be used in homes which is why it is crucial to verify with local authorities on the regulations! We're able of offering this service too. Call us today to schedule a free estimate!  You can also submit a form entry on our website if that is easier:

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