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Top 5 Must-See Places to Visit in Odessa, Texas

Feb 21

Top 5 Must-See Places to Visit in Odessa, Texas

Odessa has a lot to offer for those who are interested in culture, food, shopping, fun activities, or unique sights. Located in West Texas, Odessa is home to the Ellen Noel Art Museum. It also has a number of popular sites and parks to visit. There are beautiful green spaces throughout the city.

Odessa is a wonderful destination to visit for weekend escapes, and there are several direct flights from all across North America. If you are looking to get away, Odessa is a great place to visit. Our Odessa Top Attractions List will give you a comprehensive list of things to do.

Ellen Noel Art Museum

Ellen Noel Art Museum - Odessa, Texas

Permian Basin: Ellen Noel Art Museum

Their doors are now open. Discover 90,000 square feet full of excitement. Book your appointment online and get year-round unlimited access to the Club by becoming a member of thhe museum.

Stop by Odessa's Ellen Noel Art Museum if you want to experience culture as you travel through west Texas. The Ellen Noel Art Museum of the Permian Basin, which was opened in 1985 and is one of two Texas art museums to be granted affiliate status by Smithsonian, has been open since then. This museum has an extensive permanent collection that is constantly changing.

By bringing people together through education, outreach and exhibitions, the Ellen Noel Art Museum of the Permian Basin enables them to connect with and throuh the art.

Odessa Meteor Crater

Odessa Meteor Crater - Pecos Trail Region, Odessa TX

Odessa Meteor Crater: A meteorite created a shallow, cone-shaped impactcrater in Texas' High Plains. It measures approximately 17 feet in height and its rim rises less than 1 meter (less then 2 feet) from the ground.

CAME FROM OUTERSPACE. Odessa Meteor Crater in Odessa, the scene of a disastrous mash-up of space and earth, has an interpretive center that combines science fact with a huge hole in its ground, which may remind one of science fiction. One of the biggest impact craters of this country was Ground Zero for an incoming shower of nickel iron meteorites.

Located in the Texas Pecos Trail Region

Odessa Crater: Odessa Crater is one of five meteorite-impact craters. It measures 165 meters wide. Other 4 are significantly smaller. Odessa's craters can be found about 10 miles south of Odessa. This is one of the few craters worldwide that has been associated with meteorites recovered. It was also one of the first meteorite craters to be recognized in North America in 2020 by Barringer of Canyon Diablo fame.

Stonehenge Replica

Stonehenge Replica - Odessa, Texas

Stonehenge Replica at the UTPB Campus - Odessa (Texas)

Stonehenge Replica Discovered in Odessa Texas: This is a collection of huge stacked rocks from Texas that includes a joke about modern technology.

At the university's entrance, a replica of Stonehenge is maintained in good condition. It measures 70 percent of the original Stonehenge. The project was completed in 2004.

Permian Basin Stonehenge

This "Replica" has been created by Odessa. It seems quite outlandish. An ensemble of citizens completing their long-held dreams in June 2004. The University of Texas of Permian basin's northeastern side was home to about 20 blocks of stone that are replicas of the historic megalith of southwest England. The stone was donated to Texas by TexaStone in Garden City.

The Stonehenge Replica group's achievements are described on a plaque located near the new monument. It remarks in a somewhat snarky manner that scientists allowed man to move the 30,000-pound stones in only six weeks. Thus, the Stonehenge Replica team created a much more precise and accurate replica of the English original.

McKinney Park

McKinney Park - Odessa, TX

Odessa Crews Start Preparing McKinney Park For Starbright Village. While workers are working to make this park accessible, there may be some areas that cannot be accessed at all times. Some sections of the park might be closed while crews finish setting up. The park will still be accessible in its entirety.

Parks and Recreation Department creates and maintains a network parks and recreational facilities to provide high-quality services that improve Odessa citizens' quality of life.

McKinney Park sparkles with Christmas lights

McKinney Park is ready for Christmas. It's time for the city to feel festive. Everyone should enjoy it. This is why I am gratifying our parks department, and everyone. You all have to put in a great deal of effort. A special thanks to the staff from the police, as well as to their manager and officers for making these events smooth and ensuring that all are safe.

A recent review: "This was our third annual trip to Christmas lights. Betty was awestruck and loved exploring the park for all of the Christmas lights. Lucy wasn't there for the party this year, but next year I am sure they will be."

Comanche Trail South Park

Comanche Trail South Park - city of Odessa

Comanche Trail Park lies in Odessa Texas. Along its length, the trail features a multi-use, paved path. From the park's entrance, the trail winds through a wooded area before it crosses Crane Avenue. It then cuts through McKinney National Park. The trail crosses I-20 and continues on to the southern section. It loops around the fishing pond of the park.

Comanche Trail Park is an extensive linear park that has both a West Entrance (and a South Entrance). Comanche Trail Park offers 3 disc golf courses, 3.2 miles of trail, and large community fishing lakes.

Disc Golf Scene. Comanche Trail - Odessa is a 21-hole disc-golf course that was established in Odessa (Texas) in 2003. It is open all year.

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Top 5 Must-See Places to Visit in Odessa, Texas

Map of Odessa, TX

Places to Visit in Odessa

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