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How Can I Protect My Roof Temporarily? a Storm-Damaged Roof?

Feb 19


It is essential to contact roofing services mesa az in the event that your roof is suffering storm damage. You will likely find numerous people who are in the same situation. The earlier you contact a professional public adjuster in Phoenix, the sooner your roof damage can be fixed.

Making sure your roof is protected is essential in the meantime. Being exposed to hail, heavy rainfall or even high winds can cause roof damage and cause home security problems.

The installation of a tarpaulin or a cover over the affected area in an emergency will drastically reduce the risk of flooding or water damage to your home.

What to Do

If, following a severe storm, your home has suffered roof damage:

  • You can reduce interior leaks by replacing any missing flashings or roof flashing. This will cause water to enter your home, and then further rain. To collect rainwater, you have to enter your attic and put buckets beneath the open areas. They should be cleaned regularly.

  • Dry off any water that may have accumulated in your attic.

Safety First!

  • Don't attempt to climb your roof in the rain or when the shingles are still wet. It's unsafe and slippery.

  • Never place your feet on a wet or slippery tarp.

  • Never attempt to repair your roof or place a tarp over storm damage when a storm is raging.

  • Always ask a partner who is an adult to assist you with urgent roof repairs such as Select Adjusters.


  • To protect your roof temporarily and your home, you should use the Tarpaulin. You may be able to temporarily secure your roof until you receive assistance from a professional adjuster. A woven plastic tarp will be required to completely cover the damaged area. It should be at about one meter in length. Attach the roofing tarp using screws and wood pieces (two by four).

    • Cover one end of the Tarp around an object of wood. Secure it with screws. It will need to be secured to the roof a few meters above the damaged part using screws. The tarp needs to be rolled across the roof over the damaged area up to one meter. Then wrap the second end around another piece of wood and secure it the same way as previously.



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