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Burst Pipes From Freezing Weather Costs Insurance Companies Billions Every Year

Jan 25

In the winter of 2021 water damage from frozen and burst water pipes cost insurance companies a whopping $27 billion. These water damages come from broken water pipes that freeze and cause water to overflow into homes, offices, or multi-unit buildings. The best way to avoid this costly headache is to prevent the pipe from freezing in order for water damage not to occur. Insurers recommend homeowners take preventative steps such as wrapping exposed pipes with insulation or keeping heaters on them if they live in very cold climates. In addition, homeowners should always keep an eye on weather reports so they know what type of temperatures will be moving through their area over the next few days. Once water freezes it expands which has been known to break even thicker than usual pipes. When water freezes it causes an incredible amount of pressure on water pipes which is why they can break so easily when freezing temperatures hit.

Cold Weather Property Damage Disasters Can Ruin Walls, Floors, and Foundations

In addition, water damage from frozen water is not only costly it can also ruin walls, floors, and even foundations in homes. This  water damage occurs when water leaks into these parts of a building during the winter months. If water seeps through thicker parts of doors or windows it will find any other way to escape if possible before water damage can occur. One common way for water to escape is by seeping through walls which leads to water entering rooms throughout the house. For example, if water enters a basement it'll be harder for it to make its way out without causing major damage. The easiest fix for frozen pipes with water losses is contacting an emergency plumber that deals specifically with broken or burst pipes during extreme weather conditions. You may need to buy water damage cleanup kits in order to take care of water damage after frozen pipes have burst inside your home. It is best to use water removal equipment that is designed for the task at hand when removing water from affected areas.

Insurance Companies Will Deny Claims if Property Owners Fail to Keep Homes Heated or Winterized

In addition, water damage from frozen water has been known to form ice on the inside of windows once water freezes. When water damages room air conditioners or heaters can speed up this process and ruin ceilings, walls and floors even more quickly. In most cases, water damage from frozen water will be covered under your home insurance policy but there are always restrictions when it comes to the water damage caused by broken pipes. For example, water damage claims could be denied if homeowners neglect to take certain preventative measures such as turning on heating systems or keeping their homes properly winterized before cold weather arrives in their area.