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Energy-Efficient Tips for Houston Home Owners

Jan 18

Energy-Efficient Tips for Houston Home Owners

HOUSTON, TEXAS, Jan.18, 2022 - Texas Electricity Ratings

How to make your home more energy efficient.

Every homeowner wants to save money, and energy bills can be a major household expense. 

By being aware of how you currently use energy in your home, it can be a pretty straightforward effort to lower the amount of energy you use.

But increasing your energy efficiency requires more than simply using less energy. It requires being aware of the energy you use, the energy you waste, and the cost of that energy. (Note: To make sure you are paying the best rates for the electricity you do use, you can compare Houston electricity plans at

Here are some energy-saving tips that are easy to start doing and could save you and your family a bunch of money.

1. You can increase your thermostat temperature up to 4°F by using your ceiling fan. This will result in no decrease in comfort.

2. Caulk is a low-cost way to seal holes and cracks in your home. This will keep your warm air outside and money in your pocket.

3. You can replace your light bulbs with LEDs.

4. Bake in the oven without looking! Your oven's temperature will drop by 25 F each time you open your eyes. Programmable thermostats can automatically set the temperature to match your preferences.

5. Ceiling fans allow you to increase your thermostat temperature by four degrees. This could help reduce electricity costs without affecting comfort.

6. Outdoor Cooking - It is fun and energy efficient! Particularly if you like to cook complicated dishes, cooking can result in a large amount of heat that will strain your home's cooling. If you want to conserve energy you could use a slow cooktop or get outside.

7. Keep your smartphone charged up at all times. Only takes about two hours for your phone to fully charge.

8. Reduce the number of appliances you use - Technology is a passion for us. It does have one downside. That is the electricity consumption. To reduce energy consumption, smart tech is encouraged. However, traditional ways are best to save energy.

9. High electricity bills can be caused by air loss from ducts. They account for almost 30% of cooling systems' energy use. Insulating and sealing ducts will help you lower your electric bills.

10. Do not plug your devices when they aren't in use. This can impact our energy consumption. The practice of leaving your device plugged in at all times can reduce their lifespan and cause wasteful energy consumption. You're burning resources unnecessary, particularly if an indicator light is on.

11. Make sure to seal all windows and doors. You will lose cool air in summer, and warm air in winter. 
If the outside air finds a way into your heating or cooling system, it will make your cooling and heating systems work harder to achieve your temperature. It is possible to reduce your electricity costs and lower your bill by finding an air leak. By sealing any gaps or cracks in insulation, you can cut down on your utility costs by as high as 10%

12. Smart Technology: Smart Technology has quickly taken over the globe, and automated houses are now a common feature. Smart devices can actually save you a lot of energy, even though it seems like there is more technology being used. By being tech-based, the millennials promote sustainability.

13. Get rid of food splashes, dust, and other visible debris from your appliances. Really clean your appliances. Take your clothes dryer out and vacuum the air filter. Make sure there is no obstruction and your equipment remains in perfect condition.

14. Freezers and refrigerators work best when they are full. If you can, fill your freezer and fridge with water bottles. Avoid overfilling your refrigerator or freezer as it can cause airflow to be reduced and the appliance will work harder.

15. Air dry your dishes in the washer instead of using heat to dry them.

16. You can set the thermostat a little lower in the winter and a little higher in the summer. Making this simple adjustment can reduce energy consumption by 10 percent.

17. For cooking, use your microwave in place of your stove.

18. Keep up the maintenance of Your HVAC Unit. A key energy-saving tip is to maintain your HVAC system on a consistent and seasonal basis. The state of your heating and cooling system can affect how energy efficient you are in summer as well as winter. Unclean filters, for example, can block your air conditioner or heating system, causing it to use more energy and work harder.

19. Your electronics should not be left on for too long. Turn on your computer and monitor only when you are using them.

20. Use Smart Home Assistants and integrate with Voice Assistants like Alexa.

21. You should not allow kitchen and bathroom fans to run longer than they are necessary. These fans replace the inside air with outdoor air.

22. Make sure your thermostat is maintained. Heating and cooling that runs at maximum power will use more energy. Higher AC settings mean that your AC unit will work harder and consume more energy.

23. There aren't flying cars, but there are robots available and intelligent home assistants. Automated routines can save you energy by using home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

24. Open windows allow for natural cooling by creating a breeze that blows across your house. When spring temperatures are low, this approach is ideal.

25. You can use a timer or photocell to control outdoor lighting fixtures.

26. Avoid excessive cooling or energy wastage by setting the refrigerator to its manufacturer's recommended temperature.

27. You can install energy-efficient windows - Heat gain from windows in warmer areas can pose a problem. However, heat loss can occur through windows in colder regions. In colder areas, replacing single-pane windows in the home with double-paned ones can preserve heat and help you save as much as 24% on your winter energy bills. Also, low-e windows made of gas can reflect the sun in summer to make your home cooler and then absorb it during winter.

28. Turn on the bathroom fan. Bathroom fans help to remove heat from the home and increase comfort.

29. You should use water with caution. Water conservation saves lots of money in a year's time. While it's necessary for cleaning dishes, taking a bath, washing your clothes, and keeping the car clean, it is possible to save water and not waste energy. Rinse dishes in warm water instead of hot, and try to take shorter showers.

Energy-Efficient Tips for Houston Home Owners

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