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How to Shop for Cheap Electricity in Houston

Jan 12

How to Shop for Cheap Electricity in Houston?

HOUSTON, TEXAS, Jan.11, 2022 - Texas Electricity Ratings

Texas offers some of the best electricity rates in the country.

Texas Electricity Ratings, a Houston-based company, provides no-obligation, unbiased electricity price comparisons of all the plans available in Texas.

In Texas, you have the power to choose to your Houston electricity provider and can instantly compare all the companies and plans in your area to find the lowest rate. The Energy Choice marketplace and deregulation laws were established in the United States to allow you, the energy consumer, to choose who you want to supply your energy.

Texas electricity prices in 2021 averaged 11.96 cents/kilowatt hour (C//kWh), a 13% decrease from the national average. Houston residents have the option of fixed-rate plans through Texas Electricity Ratings, with electricity rates as low 6.6 cents a kilowatt hour (C//kWh).

The definitive guide to shopping for electricity in Texas –

One thing to remember, many consumers forget to renew after their contract expires. Many retailers count on this opportunity for a silent roll-up to a monthly product at a higher rate. If you are responsible for managing your providers, it is crucial that you re-shop/renew prior to your plan’s expiration. Law allows you to change providers up till 14 days before expiration. You don't have to pay any early termination fees.

Be aware: You will likely pay more for an electricity plan if you hear about it on radio and TV. (How else can they afford all that advertising?)

Texas Electricity Ratings will analyze your usage and provide you with up to three options based on that. This includes reviewing electricity plans we don't publish on our website. It's personal shopping to get your electricity.

How to Purchase an Electricity Plan

Today's deregulated electric bills can be difficult to read. You will be charged for the energy you have signed up for, plus additional fees when you get your bill.

TXU Energy (Reliant Energy), Direct Energy, TriEagle Energy, Direct Energy, and many more are just a few of the top Texas energy companies we work alongside. To see the available rates and plans for Texas energy providers in your area, please enter your ZIP Code.

Pick the right Start Day. Most plans issue bills on the "standard billing cycles" that correspond to your monthly meter readings. You'll receive a partial-month first and last cycle if you sign up for a plan during an off-cycle day. This will give you 13 billing cycles in a 12-month plan. For flat-rate plans, this is acceptable. You may pay more or less for plans that levy credit or charges per billing cycle (full or part), however. Our “When to Switch” section can help you select the best date to start your billing cycle.

Houston electricity rates

It is important to realize that you may be doing business with more than one entity to obtain your electricity.

Perhaps you're interested in saving money and going green. Your energy is generated from renewable resources.

Please note that rates shown on the website are updated daily. Rates might change during the day. Enter your zip code to view the most current rates in your area.

Houston electric suppliers

Before you begin shopping for an energy plan, there are some things you need to be aware of as an energy consumer. Here are some factors to consider before you make a choice about which energy plan is best for you.

Houston residents have had the freedom to choose their electricity provider ever since the Texas electricity market became open to competition in 2002. Instead of relying solely on their local utility for electricity, most Texans have the option to choose from a range of competing providers. This allows them to shop around to find the right electricity plan for them and their lifestyle.

Texas PUC established as a way to help. REPs can post offers there free of charge. This allows them to list their cheapest plans and win price-conscious shoppers. A slow search engine makes it easy for them to list expensive plan in ways that seem cheap. (See "The Shopping Game", below). PTC instead of helping shoppers, they mislead them into overpaying.

What is the lowest electricity rate?

When can you find the lowest rates? Look at your August contract. Prices can start to rise in August if there isn't a hot summer. They drop like a rock in August, and they usually fall in the second week. (Note that this is only a guideline. It is not possible to predict what will happen.

There are two types. The one is switching electricity. The other is moving electricity.


What Texas electricity company has the lowest  rates?
Current Texas electricity rates are currently tied between Frontier Utilities and Express Energy. These three providers offer rates of as low as 6.7c per kWh. Dec 22, 2021

How much should I pay to get electricity in Texas?
Texas averages 9.53 cents a kWh. Texas, the country’s largest deregulated electricity market, charges a low 11.68c/kWh.

Is it fixed or variable electricity that is best?
Fixed energy rates may mean that you pay more to get the same price stability. Variable rate plans are better for people who take a higher risk and like to be current in the energy market. They also allow them to save money on their utility bills. 

What is an acceptable electric rate?
As mentioned earlier, an energy rate that is high depends on the place you live. The average electricity rate in the U. S is 13.14cs. This means that any rate below 13.14 kWh would be considered good. 

Which electricity provider has the lowest rate?
The type and length of the term determines the price of the lowest rates.

How can I find the cheapest electricity rate in Houston?

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