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Tips For Installing Concrete Foundation Slab in Houston

Dec 3

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If you have purchased a concrete slab, you know that it can be challenging to install because it is a sloped concrete floor, which means that every point of the slab must be ground flat.

And it will be important for you to get an experienced concrete contractor to perform this very important job correctly so that your floor is maintained in its original shape and the final result is a lovely new foundation surface that looks nice.

The concrete foundation is unlike any other type of floor on the planet because it is the most natural flooring available and it takes time and effort to install. You may think it would be easy because it only requires a simple alignment of the concrete slab. However, you would be greatly mistaken.

Concrete Slab & Foundation Contractor in Houston Texas

A properly laid concrete slab is so difficult that many people have not tried to do it. It is also costly and there are many steps involved, and some of them might not be easy to do. The best part is that if you choose a reputable company that you can trust, you will enjoy all the benefits that come with installing a well-laid concrete floor. Your contractor can provide a variety of helpful tips, tools, and other resources for anyone who wants to do a better job.

The pouring of a concrete foundation slab in Houston is just as challenging as any other process because of the sloping nature of the floor, and any mistakes in the alignment could lead to a problem. One of the more difficult parts of the job is installing precast concrete slabs, which are easier to use but can be harder to find.

There are many things that you will need to consider when it comes to properly install a concrete foundation slab.

To keep the project from becoming a disaster, here are some of the important steps to take when installing the slab:

      • Proper Preparation – If you are going to do a concrete slab yourself, it is a good idea to visit a concrete contractor. There are several ways you can do this, but one of the best is to hire a contractor to come in and measure the area where you plan to pour the slab. They will need to make sure that you are doing everything properly so that you do not face issues with a sinkhole later on. Geotechnical Exam – Make sure that the slab is built according to the type of concrete you have selected. It is best to hire a contractor that has experience in concrete construction and knows what type of concrete is needed to properly build the foundation slab.

      • Sub-Grade Protection – This means making sure that you are covering the sub-grade that you will be laying in properly. This is the best way to keep water from pooling under the slab and make sure that it does not leak. There are a few different ways to prevent a sub-grade from forming under the slab, but a properly laid concrete foundation slab can be very slippery and this could lead to serious problems later on.

      • Fixing Trenches – If you are using concrete that will become sloped, later on, make sure that you have holes in the trench and around the edges of the slab. If these holes are not fixed properly, water can pool under the slab and you could have serious problems.

      • Silt Sinks – This is a bit more advanced, but it involves making sure that you have a system that will allow water to flow over the slab and then sink into the bottom. This will help keep the sloped concrete slab from getting too wet. This also is an effective way to drain water from the concrete if you want to move it later on.



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By hiring a local Houston concrete contractor who knows exactly what they are doing, you will be able to keep your slab installation an easy and stress-free task. Make sure that you take the time to make sure that you have all the steps to correct before you start laying the slab.

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