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What is better for me: Roof Replacement or Re-roofing

Nov 25


What is better for me: Roof Replacement or Re-roofing

Previous Next Damaged room's re-roofing. A roof is one major investment that you make in your home. But it also provides the highest return of investment when done properly. Statisticians have shown that a new roof can be sold for more than 80 percent of its original cost.


When it comes down to restoring your roof, the main decision is whether you want to re-roof your entire roof or replace it. Let's compare both to find the best option for you.


What is the process for re-roofing?

Re-roofing will restore your roof's appearance in the fastest and cheapest way.


A new shingle cover is applied to old shingles as part of roof re-roofing. This will help to protect your home and improve its aesthetic.


Your roof can be re-roofed if there is only one layer. In other words, if your roof already has two levels of shingles, you cannot install the third layer. You will need to replace your roof with roofing companies las cruces.


The Advantages Of Re-Roofing


  • Re-roofing a roof is a more cost-effective option than traditional roofing because it requires little time, labor, and supplies.

  • Re-roofing your roof is the most efficient way to save money and time.

What Does a Roof Replace Entail?


After the roof is completely removed, the old roofing shingles are removed and the deck is revealed. To protect the deck from damage caused by water or other factors, the deck is then covered with felt paper. A roof that lasts a minimum of 20 years is created by adding new shingles to the underlayment.


If the deck is severely damaged, it must immediately be restored in order to avoid further damage that could cause a hole underneath it.


A Complete Roof Replacement is a Benefit


  • Re-roofing can be less durable than having to replace the entire roof.

  • It is possible regardless of how many layers there are of shingles.

  • Re-roofing may cover deck issues like rot and lead to roof failure. However, a fully remodeled roof will resolve all issues for a safer roof.

  • It will save you money in the long term as it allows you to detect early signs such as decay and sagging that could be caused by water damage. Water can then leak down into the walls and cause costly repairs.



How to Decide Between Complete Roof Replacement or Re-Roofing

Re-roofing may be an option if there are minor issues or leaks. These problems usually develop when a roof's lifespan is over.


If your roof is only covered by one layer, then you might be a candidate for re-roofing. The roof may need to be re-roofed if it is only partially damaged.


The roof may already have two layers, so it will be necessary to remove both layers before partial re-roofing can begin. This will increase labor costs and also lead to higher disposal costs. Partial roof re-roofing will cost more as roofers charge for 10' x10' squares.


If your deck suffers from severe water damage, is sagging, and/or has mildew or mold growth, you will need to fix it.


For people who just want peace of mind knowing that their deck and roof are in good condition, a full roof replacement could be a viable alternative. The roofer will inspect your roof for any signs of damage and fix any issues. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you won't be liable for the cost of re-roofing.


If cost is an issue, you can still re-roof a roof if it is not damaged. But, the key to a long-lasting roof is high-quality roof tiles that can last for 10 years and longer.

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