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Renovating a house? Where to begin?

Nov 25

Renovating a house? Where to begin?

Like all home improvements, a home remodel requires careful planning and hard work. But it's an amazing opportunity to transform an old house into something you love, give it your own personality, and increase its market value.


Use the jump links below to get the details on the house remodeling checklist. If you are ready to talk about finances, there is a separate guide that will help you calculate the cost of house remodeling for various types of building projects.

What's new about construction and Coronavirus in general?


In the last week, we have seen an increase in the number of construction workers returning to the job site. Now that the lockdown has been lifted, people can start their home remodeling projects.


It is important that all contractors or builders who enter your house (if it is occupied), must follow the government’s latest social distancing guidelines and hygiene rules.


Where can I search for property to renovate or buy?


The description of properties suitable for renovation is often labeled "in dire need of modernization" in the listing. This could be anything from a new kitchen to cosmetic changes and the removal or growth of trees in the lounge. Before you start searching for a home, consider your budget and what you're willing or unable to do.


After this, you can begin to search. There are many places to search, including online property databases such as Plotfinder or estate agents. Local auctions are another great place to look for bargains. Please see our guide to buying a house at auction.


A home you like might even be a good investment. It isn't uncommon, but not unusual, for potential buyers to send a well-written letter asking them to reconsider.


How to evaluate the potential of a remodeling project


So how do you avoid falling into a hole in your pocket when it comes down to house renovations. Before you purchase a property, make sure to get a survey. A member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors can conduct the survey and provide feedback. From there, you can estimate the costs.


However, the untrained eye can spot a few things to make an offer before making a decision or even scheduling a viewing.


  • The location is (almost!) everything.


If you are looking for a bargain on a renovation, it is wise to remember the old adage "Seek the worst home on the best road". No matter how amazing the property may be, its value will only rise if it is within the same neighborhood. Take into consideration the proximity of schools and other amenities. Google Street View can give you a feel for the area and help to identify any issues.


  • Take a look at the street's highest ceiling value.


Zoopla and Rightmove let you see the prices of similar properties. This will allow you to determine the value of your home and calculate your return. You should keep an eye out to see if there are any issues that can cost you a lot.


You should inspect your roof for damage or missing tiles. Roof repairs can be very expensive.


  • What is the exterior look of the houses next door?


How will your proposed alterations fit in with the rest of the neighborhood? What are their home changes you could use? Do you feel proud to call your home a well-kept residence?


  • Is there any room for expansion


If the house isn’t big enough, consider how you could adapt it to your needs. The loft or garage could be converted to additional space. A simple loft conversion is possible, provided that the pitch permits. Another option is to extend the yard enough to provide ample outdoor living space and a back extension. You can also take a look at the properties nearby to get an idea about what's possible.


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