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Pest Control Is Necessary.

Nov 25

Pest Control Is Necessary.


Rodents, insects, and other pests can cause illness, infest your homes and bedrooms, and bite you, your pet, or both. Therefore, pest control is important. You want to be safe and healthy so you can eliminate pests from the yard, garage, and house. Rodents, such as rats, can leave excrement on your food or close to it. When you eat tainted foods, you can get very sick. All pests carry viruses and germs that can be harmful to your health. Others can cause asthma or other medical problems.


The majority of bugs live outside of your house. If you find only one or two, chances are they came in from the outside. Those aren’t an issue. You might be suffering from an infestation if they continue to bother you after you have tried unsuccessfully to eradicate them using store-bought solutions.


Pests can spread disease and bacteria to humans, so it is crucial that you call an exterminator promptly. Each one of these things can cause serious digestive problems. People with lung diseases, such as those suffering from a disease like bronchitis, can have their feces and body parts are thrown away.



Rodents can cause extensive property damage and may also be a contributing factor to long-term illnesses. Even in this region, rats can carry the Hantavirus (salmonella, tularemia, and bubonic plague) viruses. Rodents can travel thousands of kilometers each year, collecting parasites, diseases, and other small dangers.


You and your family will be safer and healthier if they are kept away from your home termites. These rodents can be captured and managed by an exterminator, which will protect your family from the disease they carry.




Wasps are well-known for their hostility and viciousness, but not for the diseases that they transmit. They can also cause death if they bite the wrong people.


These flying pests can be found all over the house, including in your grass or garden. They won't attack you unless provoked. Their ability to sting multiple people is the greatest danger. Anyone allergic to wasp or bee stings could die within minutes. Therefore, any sign of a nest or beehive should be removed as soon as possible.


Pest control is important to ensure your family's safety and security.


Even before you realize it, mice and cockroaches can build nests in your house. A colony can only be started by one or two individuals. They'll be at your house within hours or days.


Pest management is a large industry, with approximately 150,000 professionals and over 15,000 businesses serving the public. Pest control services cost US $6 billion. Protecting people's lives and property from all pests is a serious responsibility. Westex Pest Management takes this responsibility seriously.


What is the value of pest management?


  • More than a quarter (25%) of the world’s food supplies are consumed by rodents.

  • Rodents can spread other harmful pests such as fleas ticks and mites.

  • Rodents can be infected with diseases that are deadly for humans and animals.

  • Annually, more than 500,000 people seek emergency care for bites or stings from insects.

  • Nearly two million people are allergic in the United States to stinging bugs.

  • Between 40 and 150 people have been killed by insect stings. (The American College of Allergy and Asthma and Immunology presented the facts.

  • Pests such as ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes can transmit human diseases like Lyme Disease (plague), Lyme Disease (Lyme Disease), West Nile Virus (West Nile), and Lyme Disease (Plague).

  • In the United States, it is estimated that $5 billion will be spent on repairing termite damage.

  • Bed bugs have been a problem until recent years. Bed bugs are being controlled by professionals from the pest control field.

  • Rats infest approximately 45,000 people every year and cause diseases like ratbite fever or salmonella.

  • Without pest control techniques, food sanitation, food regulation, and health requirements could not be achieved.


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