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Four Types of Pest Control Methods

Nov 24

Four Types of Pest Control Methods


Pests can live anywhere. There are many things you can do to rid your garden and house of pests. These are four common methods to remove pests from your home. You can choose the one that is most suitable for you.


1. Registered Pesticide


A registered pesticide can refer to any pesticide that is allowed for use in the United States. This includes both over-the-counter pesticides and professional pesticides, which should only ever be used by pest control professionals.


Before a pesticide can become approved, it must have been registered. This involves reviewing the ingredients, where the pesticide was used, the frequency of the use, and how it will eventually be disposed of.


This process assesses the potential danger to animals and humans from pesticides. Before a pesticide's approval or denial is made, it must first be evaluated for its potential health effects.

2. Insect growth regulators


As they turn into adults, insects undergo several stages. The larvae hatch from eggs and are born as eggs. The larva forms a cocoon and surrounds itself. This is where it becomes an adult.

A growth regulator, which is used to slow down the development of insects from eggs to adults, is called a growth regulator. Although they aren't effective against adult insects, many growth regulators can be used on larvae, eggs, and pupa. This type of pesticide can be used to kill eggs.


Lapterios can form without being exposed to insect growth inhibitors. A regulator may cause a pupa to not hatch. This means it can't reproduce.


3. Repellents


These chemicals keep pests from entering your home. They can also help repel pests. This might not work in every situation.


Many factors influence the effectiveness of repellents. It is important that you choose a repellant registered with the FDA. FDA-approved products work better and are safer.


You can use attractants as a complement to or as an alternative to repellants. Attractants refer to chemicals or odors used to attract pests. You can use it to attract pests in a specific area of your yard.


4. Pheromones


Pheromones can be described as natural chemicals. They are natural chemicals that insects use when communicating with one another. Pheromones can be released by insects if they find enough food. This allows them to let other insects know that they're there. They can also use the pheromones for alerting other insects when they sense danger.


Use pheromones to control pests and you might be able to confuse them. They will be able to see danger around your home, but not food. Use pheromones as traps. They attract pests only to certain areas.


Before purchasing traps, you should first understand the pests found in your area. Some pheromones won't work for every pest. You'll need to use different traps or pheromones depending on the type of insect.


Pest control is a way to ensure your yard and home do not become infested with pests. There are so many options to control pests that it may be worthwhile to get the help of professionals.


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