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Warning Signs Your Roof Could Be in Trouble

Nov 22

Warning Signs Your Roof Could Be in Trouble

Strong roofs are essential if you want to live in a comfortable, cozy, and leak-free environment. Here are some tips to help you spot potential problems and resolve them before they become major problems.


1. It is getting close to the 25th-anniversary celebration of your roof.


According to Claude McGavic of The National Association of Home Inspectors' executive director, asphalt shingle roofs should last 20-30 years. "Even if your roof is in perfect condition, there may be problems with it if it has been around 40 years."


You have five to ten more years before your roof is replaced. If your neighbors in condominiums are all installing Marietta Roofing services, this could be a sign you should too.


2. The shingles have begun to curl.


Shingles can curl in one of two ways. There is cupping when the edges bend upwards, and there is clawing when the edges stay flat and the center rises. Both signs indicate weathering and may signal that leaks or other problems are possible.


How long you can keep it: Depending on how much curling you do, you may not need a roof replacement for as long as a year.


3. There are missing shingles.


A functional perspective is that you can replace a few of the shingles here and there. Graham explained that it's not possible to find a shingle that matches an old one. "Over time, the colors of granules changed dramatically." They also experience a shift in hues as they age.


How much time do you have? You can continue patching until there is a larger issue, but customers often prefer to replace their entire roof when it becomes a checkerboard.


4. The shingles are cracked.


Wind damage can often cause cracked shingles. Even if a few shingles have cracked, it is possible to replace them.

How long you have to spare: In some cases, the entire device will need to be replaced in three to five years.


5. Granules can be found in the gutter.


If you notice that there are a lot of granules around your roof, it's not something to worry about. However, if the problem has been present for more than 10 to 15 years, it could be a sign of something bigger. When the granules are broken and the shingles start baking, the quality will quickly drop.


What time you have remaining: McGavic thinks that shingles have about half their lifespan if they aren't replaced and there have been no granules found in the gutter.


6. The shingles are covered in algae or moss.


You don't need to be worried. McGavic explained that "it's just an aesthetic problem." Some people decide to change the roof simply because they do not like its appearance. Many new shingles are also resistant to algae. Do not try to fix the problem yourself by scraping or power washing. "It's a good idea to scrape away all the granules. This will make your shingles inoperable once again."


What length of time are you able to stand? Awash that contains one part bleach to one part water can be used to get rid of algae and moss. Another option is to place zinc strips on rooftops. This will slowly solve the problem.


7. Through your attic windows, you can still see the sunlight.


This isn’t a good sign, we don’t have to say it! Rain, cold, and snow are all possible if there's enough light. Look around for water stains or light.

The extent of damage you have caused will impact the amount of time you are able to leave. It is important that you consult a professional. While small leaks may be fixed, more serious structural damage or larger leaks could mean that it is financially sensible to have your roof replaced sooner than expected.


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