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Top 6 Roofing Materials

Nov 22

Top 6 Roofing Materials


An updated roof will add value to your property as well as communicate your home's style. It is important to have a roof that is structurally sound, properly prepared and installed correctly. But, you can make your home look better with roofers in Greenville, NC.


  • Asphalt Shingles


Because they're inexpensive and easy to put up, asphalt roofing shingles are the most common residential roofing material in the United States. These shingles can be strengthened using fiberglass or organic materials like cellulose without altering their appearance.


Pros Asphalt is readily available in a variety of colors and is among the most economical materials.


Cons: Asphalt can last a longer time than other roofing materials.


Asphalt shingles go well with a variety of architectural forms, including suburban designs.


Prices range from $70-$120 per square foot. Shingles last between 20 and 25 years if well maintained.


  • Clay and concrete tiles


A roof that is made from concrete and clay tiles will have texture and elegance. It is extremely durable to use genuine clay tiles. Concrete tiles are lighter and more flexible than authentic clay tiles, but they also cost less.


Pros: Concrete tiles and clay tiles last for a long time and are non-combustible.


Cons: Clay or concrete tiles are heavy and expensive, and often require additional structure.


House styles: Concrete and clay tiles look great in Mediterranean, Mission, and Spanish-style homes.


Cost and Life Expectancy: Tiles cost from $300-$500 per square foot, and can last between 40 and 50 years if well maintained.


  • Metal roofing


Metal roofing does not have to withstand extreme weather. Metal roofs are available with panels and shingles in various metals such as aluminum and copper.


Pros: Metal roofing is durable and more reflective than asphalt or other wood.


Cons: Metal roofing may be expensive.


Metal looks amazing in bungalows, cabins, and cottage-style homes.


Cost and Lifespan - Prices range from $100 to $300 for a square. However, certain styles can go up to $600 for a square. Metal roofing can last for between 40-75 years.


  • Slate Roof Tiles


The unique beauty of slate hues is that they come in many shades, including black, grey, red, and purple.


Pros: Slate roofing is durable and resistant to fire, as well as being recyclable.


Cons: Slate may be costly and difficult to install. It's possible to get an imported slate of lower quality.


Slate complements Colonial and European architectures.


Cost and Life Expectancy Prices: Prices start at approximately $600 per square footage and rise from there. Slate can last more than 50 years. In rare cases, it can even last 100 years.


  • Roof Shingles Made From Wood


Wood shingles, or shakes, have been the preferred roofing materials for centuries. Many homeowners love the grey-toned appearance of wood shingles. Wood shakes are rustic looking compared to wood shingles, which can be machine-cut.


If you live near a large fire-prone area, look for Class A fire-resistant wood roofing products that have fire-resistant coatings.


Pros: Wooden shingles can have a rustic appearance. They are made from natural materials such as redwood, cedar, southern pine, and redwood.


Cons: Because of fire restrictions in some regions, it is not allowed to be used. Wood shingles pose a risk because they can crack, mold, and decay in moist climates.


Shake's rustic design can be complemented by a cottage, bungalow, Cape Cod, Craftsman, or Tudor style dwelling.


Cost and LifeSpan Prices: Prices range from $100- $150 per square foot, with a 25-30-year lifespan.

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